hello everyone

  • Hi, my name is Simone. originally from Italy now living in fife, and member of the blood bike scotland, looking for advices on where t take my 800 GS off road.. cheers everyone

  • Hi & welcome Simone

    You may well have already worked out that off road riding in Scotland just doesn't exist unless you have a land owners permission to ride over his or her land.

    Unlike in the civilised world south of the wall, where byways and B.O.A.Ts exist in abundance, we poor souls that reside north of the wall have little or no choice but to risk the wrath of a land owner.

    I end up taking my F8GS south of the wall at least once a year, just to "keep the faith" with the bikes dirt origins. Off to Dent on a UKGSer event in May to take in as many lanes and byways as I/we can over a long weekend. Check out this link to a thread I did after last years Dent visit:-


    Hope to see you at a forum meet in the near future, to compare F8GS notes ;)

    Steve T


  • Hi Simone

    Welcome to the Forum. I am also from Fife but afraid I just ride on the road so cannot advise on offroad riding. Used to stay across in west Lothian and I know some people used to go on the old ash binges but think fences etc have been put up to stop people.



  • always happy to talk about the GS, thanks for the tip!!

  • thanks!!

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