Lomo 30lt Backpack

  • Lomo 30lt Backpack

    Waterproof backpacks are something we thought would be a great idea, not only for quick trips on the bike but multi-use as we like to go for forest walks.
    We usually carry camera gear and it is always a worry if the rain comes down whilst out and about.

    The Lomo 30lt Backpack in black is a great little bag which is low profile, compresses to next to nothing when not in use and of course totally waterproof.
    The seams are very good, being heat welded and all the straps and clips are of the usual quality you would expect from Lomo.

    Wearing the backpack is a breeze with comfortable padded wide straps and a couple of padded areas for comfort when wearing.

    With a fairly heavy load of our brew kit, water bottle and a couple of cameras. The bag felt very comfortable on my back during our forest walk.
    Jenifer wanted to try the bag and found the Lomo bag very comfortable to wear compared to her usual non-waterproof pack.

    We really liked the dual use of the Lomo bag as we often need a waterproof bag and we do have very unpredictable weather in these parts.
    The bag also has a non-waterproof zippered pocket on the front, which is great for a 500ml bottle of water or anything that is not waterproof.

    When not on your back the pack has a plastic padded handle so you can carry around without it cutting into your hand.

    Out on the bike, the pack was secure and comfortable and did its job with ease.
    And even with rain forced onto the closure, everything remained dry inside as you would expect with a roll top bag

    The only negative that I did not like was the waist strap which needs to be a little longer, for the larger gentleman.
    But strap can be reversed and clipped around front when not in use.

    Quality versus Price point, as with most of Lomos bags you cant really beat what you get for the money.

    ADV Scotland Score of 4 out of 5

    The Lomo 30lt Back Pack can be sourced directly from Lomo in Glasgow by either visiting their store ..... or ordered online.

    Price at time of review £29.99
    Disclaimer: We received this bag free of charge to review but were under no obligation to provide a positive review.

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