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  • I was out doing a wee bit of trial riding on the XT for the first time this morning and the Tourance tyres just 'aint cutting it in the mud and leaves. I would have been as well with slicks ;D

    As I am fortunate enough to have the big RT for touring and long days out, I am thinking about a more aggressive tyre for the XT. Probably 70/30 off road / on road, I'm not overly worried about stellar road performance as I only commute 10 miles a day and bimble around the back roads and tracks on it and hardly ever over 50mph. Suggestions?


  • I use a Mitas E09 on the rear and a TKC80 on the front of my F8GS.

    Excellent combination of off road grip on wet & dry surfaces, be they packed or loose.

    On road they give a decent degree of confidence, even when "pushed" a bit round bends ;)

    I have tried the Mitas E09 on the front, but the wear rate and big gaps between knobblies led to me waiting for the pucture to happen - when not if :o

    I've got a Mich Anakee Wild to fit to the rear wheel, once I can convince myself that there isn't enough tread block left on the Mitas E09 - currently sat at around 4.5k miles and it still has over 5 mm of tread left on the middle blocks. Kinda square, but still very rideable on the road, round bends and on the slippy-slidey stuff.

    Just my mutterings.

    Steve T


  • I’d also consider Pirelli MT21’s. More off-road orientated and aggressive than TKC80’s. Had ‘em on my last Yam trail bike and will put some on the XL at some point in the future.…1-rallycross#/description

    Looks like a more aggressive version of the MT-40 that I had good results with on 125 & 250 trail bikes in the late 80s & early 90s. Another one to add to the list :)

  • We fitted Anakee Wilds a few months ago and are very happy with them, the on road performance is nearly as good as the Anakee 3 giving a comfortable ride with plenty of feedback. Having had Michelin trail tyres for the past 18 years these use the latest radial technology with an off road pattern and I cannot fault them, the off road ability is easily as good as the t63's we used on the 250's but are even more confidence inspiring. A little concerned at the wear rate as with only 2000 miles on them they are down to about 7mm on the rear but Michelin assure me the wear rate is not linear and the mileage improves as the blocks move less hopefully giving 4500 to 5000 miles with the front probably doing 2 rears. Braking is very good and hard use with the front easily has the ABS on the rear kicking in, I see some people complain of noise from this pattern but we have not noticed it. Graham

  • I'm running the Mias E07 Dakar on my S10.

    Like them a lot. Decent on the road and decent off road. Definitely noisier! Haven't lost grip at all in rain or corners, although on a spirited ride up the Bealach the traction control light flashed numerous times as the nose came up and the rear slipped coming over some of the wee yumps in the road.

    Will I buy them again, more than likely. But thousands of miles left on them :)

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