Waterproof Gloves

  • 8) now that I am less disinclined to go out on the bike when it is forecast Wet I decided that a pair of waterproof gloves were required.
    So after much research on the electric computer my pal Dougie and me visited some emporiums in Glasgow.
    Three hours later, after trying on umpteen different brand gloves (rukka, richa, alpinestars, dianeese, merlin, bering, knox and no doubt others I have forgotten), we both left Victor Devine's with a pair each of the same gloves.
    Specifically Halverssons Beast gloves. Mix of leather and fabric, short cuff for ease of getting under a sleeve --- all with magical properties.
    Time will tell !

  • I was fairly clear in my mind that I wanted a pair of gloves that were easy to get under the cuff to reduce the opportunity for water getting into the cuff.

    Too often I have tucked long cuffs under the sleeves before setting off but it was too much bother an hour later when putting the gloves back on after a stop ---- and the rain gets down the cuff --- granted it has always been non waterproof gloves before.

    I did look at double cuff offerings but they looked too much of a faff about.

    Under the sleeve just seems logical for when its raining.

  • For a few years now I have been using the Spada Enforcer gloves. So much so, I got two pairs in the end. If you look at some photos online, you'd think there was no way to get the glove cuffs inside the jacket sleeves but its not a problem.

    Its a case of practise, opening the wrist zips on my jacket and making sure the glove cuffs are Velcro closed as snug as is comfy - then getting sleeves down over them.

    With practice, its becomes pretty easy. I always ride with my jacket over the gloves.

    Never let any water in this way and I do ride all year.

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  • Update on Halverson's Beast gloves.
    One of the advertised features of the Beast is that the warm inner, the waterproof mid layer and the textile outer are all bonded together to prevent the warm layer pulling out, on removing the glove.
    A couple of days in Ireland in the damp saw the warm inners pulling out and impossible to even get the fingers back in with the whole glove soaking.
    The search is now on for new gloves !

  • This happened with my otherwise wonderful Held Warm 'n' Dry gloves. Shame, as otherwise they were great gloves, but rain would run down my sleeve and into the glove and soak the lining.

    I like my Richa City GTX gloves. https://www.sportsbikeshop.co.…_parts/content_rev/221744 Really warm and haven't leaked yet, but haven't tried them in really heavy weather but tuck under my sleeve really well so I have high hopes.

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  • I've been using Richa gloves for a few years now and so far found them good.
    My first pair were Hurricane Gore-tex, more a summer glove but I used them daily all year round without any prob, they lasted almost five years and now starting to split.
    Oh and the lining is still where it should be.
    Replaced them recently with a pair of Richa street touring Gore-tex, happy with them so far time will tell.
    I was reading your Ireland report and you said you were drying your gloves with a hairdryer, that could be why the lining is pulling out.

  • :o not guilty of using the hairdryer myself - others did.
    The I see that the Richa Hurricanes use Fire xtrafit technology which also alleges to keep the glove, gtex and warm liner together.
    If they fit sounds like a will try them.

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