New Rubber mitas eo7

  • E07's I'm thinking ;)

    Was looking at them just last night as the E09 Dakar on the rear of the F8GS is getting low enough to make the back end wiggle more than normal :o

    Then I remembered that I have a part worn E09 in the garage. Just not sure if it's got enough tread to get me to Dent and back in May ::), as well as doing the trails I want to do when I'm there!

    I'll probably order up a new rear anyway and have it sitting, waiting for the in use ones to wear out ;D

    let us know your thoughts once you have them fitted and scrubbed in ;)

    Steve T


  • The E07 or the E07 Dakar?

    I'm about to order some, but not sure if it's worth going for the Dakar. Not much money in it.

    Was looking at K60 scouts but have opted for mitas. Just need to decide if Dakar is the better option.

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  • E07 Dakar has an extra ply. Perhaps not necessary or desirable unless you're going to be riding in difficult conditions.

    I used E-07s in 2015 (Dakar on the rear) on a trip from Capetown to Lake Tanganyika and back (circa 13000km including riding the thing to London to the shippers) The tyres easily lasted, although the front was looking a bit tired at the end of it because I did too many miles on tarmac with it running at low pressure - it had a leak at the rim.

    I'd say they were a good tyre for the job, offering decent traction on loose surfaces and sand, although I would have liked more knobbly tyres for the odd muddy section. I found them better on loose stuff and sand aired down to 22/28psi. I didn't suffer any punctures despite the heat and road surfaces I tackled two up and fully loaded with camping gear. However back here, and admittedly towards the end of their life, I thought they lacked grip in the wet, so I binned them. They are nice neutral handling boots.

    For my next trip (New Zealand) I'm going to fit Avon Trekriders because I will most likely be doing more tarmac than gravel.

    Tropical Tyres...

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  • Thanks for that review 3Dawg. I will be interested to hear LWR's impression's of the tyres in a wet, non-tropical setting. I'm wearing out an Avon "Distended" on the rear before fitting the Mitas. dd

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  • LoL ,, Non tropical for sure around here .... I have not got them fitted yet , still some miles left in the Anakee3's I have on , then the mission to get them fitted in Aberdeen .

    But I will do a report on them in due course

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