Tyres - again.....

  • Time to re-shoe the horse..... but what rubber to put on her.


    A Clydesdale amongst Shetlands.... and the tyre issues that go with a big bike.

    I am looking for decent dry and wet grip. But I don't ride around like a loon anymore. Steady as she goes.

    Big thing I am after is a high mileage tyre, 80/20 road/offroad use.

    I am considering the K60 scout as I have heard these can do some serious mileage. Have previously used Tourance, Battlewing and Maxxis (which wore out shockingly fast). These were used on my previous big trailie. Never managed any serious mileages per tyre though. Particularly the rear.

    But can peeps on here offer personal experience of a big bike being used on our Scottish roads (with all their variety of surface qualities) and mileages they have managed.


  • Hi.
    Been using TKC70s for my last couple of long trips on a 1150gsa, great wear, decent wet grip and bloody good dry grip (edge to edge rear). They also provide a comfortable amount of gravel comfort.

    I'm currently using Avon Trail Riders on my CCM644 and will also be using a pair of these on my GSA for a trip later this year...I'm impressed :D

  • Had Anakee 3's on my Varadero, they were fine on road, wet or dry and even managed a couple of forest trails. Before it died the rear had 6300 miles on it with 2-3mm left. Front was hardly worn, just a bit of chamfering on the tread but never affected the handling.

  • Used K60s on a Super Tenere in New Zealand on many different surfaces. They gripped pretty well in the twisties and were pretty decent on trails. Didn't use them in the wet though.

    K60 on Super Ten

    Used Mitas E-07s in Africa on my 1100GS. VERY long lasting tyres - used the Dakar rear which has an extra ply, would not be needed in Scotland. Didn't like them much when I used them the odd time here before changing back to road boots, and bias ply are never going to feel as good as radials. Got more than 14000km out of the rear, fully loaded two up in very hot conditions

    Have run Anakee 2s for years, like them very much. Fine on dry trails but only marginally better than road tyres on mud. Still get heebie geebies thinking about getting stuck on the Sani Pass up to Lesotho in the pissing rain on an 1150 with those tyres on.

    Been looking at something new for this year though - like the look of the new Avon Trailrider, but I doubt there is much to choose between them and the TKC70. Will probably just put a new Anakee2 on the rear as there is a bit left on the front one as I plan to change to Anakee Wilds for an upcoming trip which will see the GS on a lot of trails.

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  • I considered the TKC70's - but found too many scary reviews of the front tire misbehaving (possibly unfounded MSPence?). I know some people run TKC80 fronts and TKC70 rear but didn't fancy trying that one out.

    Anyway - ended up going for the much raved about Heidenau K60 scouts, still to be fitted and carefully scrubbed in.

    For those of you who have ran the K60's - my slight concern is I'm used to the quite grippy Conti Trailattacks on the 1190 - anyone ran both and able to comment? I know the K60s are a much harder tire and also know they have to be treated with respect on wet roads.

  • Bike in for mot and E07 Dakars. Only £15 more for the extra side wall ply. Won't get a run out until Wednesday though.

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