New bike repair shop

  • Cannot remember where I read about it, but it was the bike shop owners brother that mentioned the start up.

    Best of luck to him - filling a big gap in the bike shop "map".

    Just hope he carries a stock of the usual consumables that seem to be the regular requirement of the bike touring fraternity - batteries and tyres ::)

    Steve T


  • Will be checking it out for coffee next time I'm in Ullapool ;)

  • ;) hopefully the flow of bikes through Ullapool will make it successful. No doubt I will have a lookielookie next time I am up. The guys from the north west might have an alternative to heading down to , Inverness ? On the aesthetic side it obviously makes heading that way less of an adventure ---- but if you are the one needing a mechanic !!
    Thanks for flagging it up.

  • The website suggests roadside recovery. I had to abandon a trip up north due to a flat tyre, on a Sunday, with the only dealer in Inverness closed till the Tuesday due to a bank holiday. I was driven the three hours back home in a lorry.

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