Oil, tyres , Adv Bikes, What make of bike etc etc

  • SO after 10 days this forum has been running ..

    But still no posts on .......

    Types of oil ..
    What tyres are you using .
    What bike should I buy
    What is an Adventure Bike ..
    Why can't I have an adventure on other type of bike ...
    No Threats , no stalking , no nasty emails , no trolling , no full blown fights breaking out !!

    Its just not like being a moderator on ABR at all !! :o 8) ::)

    Hahaha , Its is so refreshing.

    Hope you have a nice evening ..

    Que : some smart arse is going to start a thread on politics ..... ;D ;D

    Que : Jenifer .... (she been on the sauce already, be warned) (Yeah, I know only 1700hrs, tut tut )


    Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy. :)


    Transalp 650 (2007) ....... Vstrom 650 (2023) :P

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  • I'm busy trying to think up a question that involves all of those topics - but my head has started hurting with all this thinking, so I think I'll got for a lie down in a dark room :)

    Glad your decision to put this forum out there is putting you in a happy place - long may it continue

    Steve T


  • To answer the OP. any old oil will do, modern engines can cope. Tyres, round and black as the average biker can not reach the limits of them anyway. Buy whatever bike takes your fancy as they are all much the same and Adventure bikes are just a marketing gimmick same as 4x4 motors, I can have as much of an adventure on my old XBR as I could have with a mega buck GS,Tiger,Tenere etc.

    Yours sincerely.....................the troll! (AKA Andy) ;) ;D

    Every day above ground is a good day.

  • I have some oil in my bike, changed it too and put some more in. My bike still works. :)

    There are 2 tyres, black and round and inside them is some air. :)

    I bought my bike coz I chose to. :)

    I still don't know what certain forums (the other one, ahem, which shall not be named ;) ) want an adventure bike to be ???

    I have had an adventure on things as diverse as Z400's, K75's, GPZ thous, Blackbirds and shock horror Transalps and Varaderos :)

    Long may this forum remain light hearted, non judgemental and a happy place.

    I think it's been mentioned on another post somewhere that most of us know each other anyway from various meets over the years.

  • 8)

    For me every day on a bike is an Adventure, having to be alert and all senses tuned to the max.
    I like all bikes and have owned all sorts of weird machines as well as big bikes I have had MZ's Jawa's and other strange marks and all have been an adventure, True on some its been IF you get there as appossed to WhEN but its never been a dull moment on two wheels.

    BIG D

  • 1. my bike = VFR1200XD Crosstourer DCT

    2. tyres = now fitted with PR3's (mostly road use only) and they are great

    3. oil = doesn't use any between services :-)

    4. make = Honda

    Best thing about it = The torque of the V4 and the dual clutch gearbox

    I like Hondas and always have done (I own 5)

    I love Scotlands roads and scenery, so much so that I work up here and drive a van 80,000 miles a year around the place but still have a couple of biking weeks a year up here with my riding mates and have done for years.

  • There's an oil debate kicked off on the 'other side' I was tempted to jump in and say if you mix oil your bike will explode and Armageddon will ensue. Better hadn't,someone might take it seriously!!!

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