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A trip to Ireland
« on: November 25, 2018, 21:02:58 PM »
From a few years back, but I've still got the bike so...

From time to time the motley crew that is the University of Teesside year of '85 BA Industrial Design get together for a reunion, and this time we decided to visit one of our number who lives in Westport, Co. Mayo.  I decided that I'd like to go over on the GS and have a bit of a look round a country I've never visited and drink Guinness in the evenings with the lads.

This is what I ended up doing, about 1150 miles starting from Inverness in Scotland.

After a night in the glamourous Kilmarnock Travelodge I got to the ferry at Larne in good time.

From Larne I headed up the Antrim coast to my first stop at the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.  This originally allowed fisherment to reach a small island to land their catch.

Lots of squealing and shouting (not by me, ahem) as the bridge was crossed. It wasn't that bad...

Small cottage and crane to land the fish.

It was a fair walk to the bridge from the carpark, so I was already in trouble timewise.  This is not unusual.  Next stop about 10 miles down the road, Ireland's World Heritage Site: The Giant's Causeway

Awww.  Brrr...

Walrusses too!

Sizable fixer-upper along the coast towards Portrush.  Dunluce Castle

Anyway, on to the good stuff down in Mayo.  Was running hellishly behind at this stage but reached Westport some time after nine in the evening.  Sunk a few Guinnesses and went to bed.

Our base in Westport.  Great pub in a really nice town in a sublime spot.

The pub was down in the old port area, and this was the new day.  Looked promising.

This is The Reek, overlooking the town.  Over 2000 feet I believe.

Headed out to do a tour of Connemara.  After the village of Leenane the road headed inland.  Still not a breath of wind.

OK, enough with the glassy lakes already.

Sizable des res, own lake and turret.

At Clifton I took a detour to ride the Sky Road.  Reminded me of the scenery on the west coast of Scotland.  The roads were generally in good condition- ie. not potholed, but were incredibly bumpy.  This would have been the end of my back and wrists on an R1.

Made it eventually to Roundstone after passing through some of the finest scenery I've ever seen.  This was helped by very cooperative weather- this was mid October fer Gawds sake.

View from the pub.  Turned out to be a BMW rally- 73 bikes parked just round the corner, half of them GSs.

Lunch and a swift haf of Guinness al fresco.  What's not to like?

Harbour at Roundstone.

I loved the strictly non corporate air of the place.  This gas station typical.  That's someone elses GS of course.  Bit worried that it is parked in front of the diesel pump...

Roundstone was as far south as I got, time to head back to Westport.

If I was any sort of photographer I'd have noticed that telephone cable...

While I was out riding around the rest of the lads went fishing

This the only time they were sober the whole weekend, and even now I'm not sure about the one in the middle...

Some even climbed up The Reek.  Madness.

Anyway, After another evening drinking and talking nonsense I was up at half past uuurgh to catch the ferry home at 13.00.  Enjoyed the early morning cross country ride and made the ferry in good time.

Have to say, the riding in Ireland is absolutely excellent and a GS is the ideal tool for the roads over there.  The secondary roads are on the bumpy side but there wasnt much gravel about, and during the daytime the main roads were bags of fun.  1150 miles covered in the weekend, and I'll certainly be back for more.
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Re: A trip to Ireland
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2018, 13:33:50 PM »
Excellent report

Thanks for sharing your experiences

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Re: A trip to Ireland
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2018, 13:58:07 PM »
 ;D brings back memories of the trip I did 2yrs ago. Westport and Clifden are nice towns to stay in.